Somebody Told Me

by Stephen Puleston

A gangland murder, an impossible killer. Can Detective Inspector Marco unmask the true killer? When DI John Marco discovers the body of Felix Bevard he knows instantly the killing was a professional hit. But the Cardiff criminal underworld don’t share secrets easily. Marco is forced to delve into Bevard’s murky past to try to find the murderer. As Marco examines Bevard’s past crimes, one name crops up – notorious gangster Jimmy Walsh. Walsh has a motive for killing Bevard and the power to do it, but there’s just one problem – Walsh is already behind bars. Corruption at the heart of the system seems the only answer. But as Marco’s investigation develops, new leads spring from cases once thought closed, and the net closes ever tighter on Walsh. When Marco’s own family begins to face threats things get very personal. Marco must prove Walsh’s guilt or catch the real killer still at large.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals