Something Charming This Way Comes

by R.K. Dreaming

‘Happily Ever After’ isn’t working out as she planned. And now she’s got a killer to catch!

Oracle Sigourney returns to her magical hometown seeking a midlife miracle. Plagued with failing powers, ill health and now jobless too, when she stumbles on a genie she knows exactly what to wish for!

Except genies are never quite what they seem. Charming by name and tricky by nature, he insists wishes won’t work. Sigourney must solve her own mother’s murder to find a happy future.

But doing so is sure to make her enemies, especially when the only person who can help her is a vampire locked up in prison for a murder she swears she didn’t commit. And who demands Sigourney prove her innocence first.

Can Sigourney solve two tricky cases and find the happily ever after of her dreams, and all with the townsfolk hunting her and a rascal of a handsome genie getting in the way? Read it today!

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy