Son of a Gun (A David and Martin Yerxa Thriller – Book 2)

by Ed Markham

Fourteen-year-old Carson Affeldt wakes in a subterranean room. He has vague recollections of a man in a forest, but everything else about his abduction is hazy. As he looks at his new surroundings, he can’t make sense of what he sees.

What Carson doesn’t know: Three boys are dead, their bodies discarded along wooded trails in rural Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Whoever killed them concealed each of their faces behind expressionless white masks.

The FBI assigns David and Martin Yerxa to the investigation. As father and son track the trail of a murderer, Martin is reminded of a serial killer he pursued during his earliest days at the FBI.

Together, David and Martin will struggle to understand the mind and motivations behind these unconscionable crimes as they fight to find Carson before it’s too late.

Son of a Gun is a taut psychological thriller that will leave you off balance and guessing until the final shocking pages.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime