by Danielle Zinn

When DI Thomas is presented with an anonymous letter and three unexplained deaths in less than twenty-four hours, he realizes that his idyllic home village masks a deeply troubled reality. Summoning his trusted colleague, DS Collins, Thomas begins to unravel what quickly becomes an overwhelming mountain of conflicting evidence.
If he can only determine the identity of the author of the letter, then all the pieces should fall into place. But that person prides himself on being more than one step ahead of the DI.
So many secrets. So many lies. So many attempts to cover things up.
A deeply rooted family tragedy, greed and vengeance are at the core of this crime novel. The twists and turns of Sophomania leave you wondering to the very end who the real murderer is—or if there may actually be more than one killer on the loose in the anything-but-sleepy village of Crottendorf.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime