Soul of the Wind

by Sydney Bristow

What if the same man who killed your mother also stole all of your wealth, leaving you penniless? What if he burned down your home and business then manipulated your soul mate into marrying him? And…what if that man was your father?

Nate Tarpley doesn’t have to imagine that life. He’s lived it. But he won’t let Ben Slink get away with it. When he learns Slink hid the fortune he stole years earlier, Nate sneaks into enemy territory, searching for the undisclosed location with only one person to depend on… A woman he cannot forgive. Yet cannot forget.

Over the next 48 hours, as Nate struggles to beat his father to the gold, while Confederate soldiers close in all around him, he risks losing the only woman he’s ever loved. But will trusting her result in betrayal? Or end up getting him killed?

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Category: Thrillers – Historical