Special Agent (Angels & Imperfection Book 2)

by Dan Arnold

When a young man is forced into hiding after rescuing a helpless woman from the leader of a vicious street gang, private investigator John Wesley Tucker is sent to find him.

Tucker finds himself in need of help from an old friend, who also has need of John’s help. The two friends work together to save the young man from the hit squad sent to kill him, culminating in a firefight in the belly of a cypress bayou. The young man learns there is more to life than just living.

Tucker’s other cases include attempting to apprehend the killer of an undocumented immigrant, investigating the hidden agenda of a federal agent, and attempting to thwart a domestic terrorist attack. Soon he learns these cases are all connected. When the FBI raids an old farmhouse, many people die in the flames.

Only Tucker knows what really happened, will he stay alive long enough to expose the secret?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy