Brass in Pocket: Ian Drake barely manages to control his OCD. So after two fellow police officers are brutally murdered on an isolated mountain route, the pressure to solve the case threatens to make him crack. Drake is taunted by the killer with lyrics from famous songs. Can he catch the sociopathic felon before he loses his sanity… or his life? Worse than Dead: When a ferry arrives in port Detective Drake knows a killer is on board. Unable to trace the killer after the ship berths he fears the worse. And links to a well-known criminal family make the inquiry even more demanding. Can he catch the killer and avert more deaths? Against the Tide: A fisherman lies dead. A beautiful girl is strangled. Can Detective Drake uncover the secrets that connect them? He struggles with a wall of silence from the rural community. Can he expose the truth and catch the killer… or killers?

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals