Spouse Trap

by Cynthia Hamilton

Madeline Ridley had it all: a handsome, successful husband and a place at the top of Santa Barbara society. Her world was perfect…until she awoke in the early morning hours in a hotel room, alone, unclothed, with a splitting headache and no memory of how she got there. And that was just the beginning of her nightmare.

When Steven Ridley comes home in the middle of a weekday and throws a sheaf of damning photos at her, Madeline’s enviable world collapses in a swirl of blackmail, sabotage and deceit. Hoping to convince Steven of her innocence, Madeline drives to his office and witnesses a scene that makes her realize who the enemy really is.

From that point on, Madeline deconstructs herself, reverting back to Madeline Dawkins while she tries to salvage what’s left of her life. In the process, she discovers where her true strengths lay, then prepares herself for battle.

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Category: Mystery – Series