Steele Intent

by Kimberly Amato

Returning from a grisly crime scene involving the body of a brutally-beaten young girl – the second in a week – shrewd, hardened New York homicide detective Jasmine (“Jazz”) Steele receives an anonymous phone call with the most shocking message imaginable: “Don’t think you’re untouchable…you or your son.” Then a dial tone…Jazz–who has more ‘tude than even the toughest investigator, male or female—navigates the cruel streets of New York City in search of the elusive, psychopathic murderer who seems to be killing off women who look suspiciously like someone close to Jazz. At the same time, she struggles to keep custody of the only family she has left.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

Melting Steele

by Kimberly Amato

A family is brutally slaughtered, and a daughter disappears into thin air. Tough-as-nails New York homicide detective Jasmine “Jazz” Steele discovers that the Johnson family had plenty of disturbing skeletons in its closet. Skeletons possibly warranting hiring a hit man on the Internet. With best pal Victor and partner Detective Will Everts, ever-fearless Jazz dives into the opaque abyss of corrupt New York finance and down the dangerous, secretive rabbit hole of the Deep Web.

$0.99 Previously $3.99