Stolen Sister

by Linda Huber

Smoke. She could smell smoke. Her baby…

What happened to baby Erin when fire ripped through the hotel she was in with her parents? Only two people know, and they aren’t telling.

Twenty-two years later, Vicky learns that she once had a sister – and the search for Erin begins.

Christine, meanwhile, has left home to start her first job in the city. Alone and estranged from her parents, she is desperate to find friends and make a success of her new life. First impressions are positive, but her job has barely begun when she makes a disturbing discovery – and everything changes again.

Weeks later, Vicky has almost given up the search when a phone call from her ex-foster mother brings unexpected news. Erin is in danger… but where is she?

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy