Strange Deaths of the Last Romantic

by Moses Yuriyvich Mikheyev

The year is 1997. After the tragic death of his mother, the seven-year-old Adam Micah, thrown into a terrible family within the foster care system, commits his first suicide. However, when Adam places the gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger, he discovers he doesn’t die—instead, his body rematerializes elsewhere.

The return to life after every suicide or death-by-bullet comes at a cost: Adam loses memories of himself. To help himself remember and keep track of his identity, Adam regularly publishes obituaries in The New York Times.

​The Wisher—an elusive entity—has been pursuing Adam ever since he was a teenager. With every suicide, and with every obituary that Adam publishes, The Wisher gets closer.
One night—after many such suicides and reappearances—Adam pulls the trigger and finds himself on the campus of Emory University. There, he runs into the enigmatic Lilyanne Beloshinski, daughter of the wealthy Mr. Beloshinski.

A reckless romantic at heart, Adam seduces Lilyanne—only to discover that she, too, holds secrets. As the two lovers grow closer together, and as the mysteries between them unfold, Adam begins to realize the true identity of The Wisher, and just how far The Wisher would go to murder him once and for all.

With his deaths coming at the cost of precious memories, will Adam’s gift be a blessing or a curse?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime