Suckerfish City

by The Brothers Rodemeyer

Adapted from a Multiple Award-Winning Screenplay, Suckerfish City is a crime-thriller wrapped in a murder mystery delivering a darkly comedic slant on the tragic reality of South Florida’s drug underworld. A world where crime is a way of life, justice is improvised, and love is a lie.

They called him “Sucker,” but it took one to know one. After unwittingly landing in the middle of a drug deal gone bad, Sucker would escape with ten grand cash, a kilo of uncut heroin and the beautiful teenaged daughter of a notorious drug lord.

Unfortunately, Sucker would learn the hard way that Cupid’s arrow is deadly, and the little cherub is a horrible marksman. Hemingway said, “If two people love each other, there can be no happy ending.” Sadly, Papa never said squat about what happens if only one of them was in love. Turns out it’s the exact same thing.

Love is worse than a bullet. It kills you slower.

Suckerfish City is a cautionary tale of misplaced loyalty, blind obsession and their deadly consequences from the bestselling writing team, The Brothers Rodemeyer.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled