Sudden Lockdown

by Amos Talshir

No exit. three years of a new reality. Changes that will affect them forever.
A naked woman named Rose takes 100,000 fans by surprise when she storms the playing field. The writing on her buttocks reads: Free World. Contrary to expectations, the stewards do nothing to stop her. As she stands alone frozen in the middle of field, the only person to come to her rescue is a young man named Simon.
The stunned fans scrambling to exit the stadium discover its gates have been locked down and snipers positioned on the roof are shooting at anyone who tries to disrupt order, forcing the fans to remain inside the stadium against their will.
All fans realize life as they knew it is over. The unexpected lockdown made their living worse with every passing day.
Now, they must conform to the new order—to eat, love, have children, and live differently.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological