Sunzal: Caught Inside

by J.M. Westheim and B.J. Keene

Rip is in Sunzal to compete in an International Surfing Association competition when a judge is found dead in her home. Events from the previous night cause suspicion to fall on Rip. He is not equipped to handle the situation, but his long-time girlfriend is.
Alena is under pressure from her parents to put her education to better use. To appease them, she has applied for jobs and is on her way to an interview. Rip knows nothing of this.
Despite his troubles, can Rip keep his head on straight long enough to challenge the world’s best surfers?
Will Alena defy her parents and change her plans? Can she uncover the details of Andrea-Maria’s many romantic connections and find the real killer? If she does, will it be enough to save Rip?
Can Alena save Rip from himself?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy