Support and Defend

by Vannetta Chapman

Allison Quinn is willing to risk everything to prevent the nation’s worst terrorist attack.

Working undercover at Grand Canyon National Park, Allison Quinn is in position when the cyber terrorist Blitz makes his move. Apprehending him isn’t enough though. She has to intercept the kill codes he has sold to a third party. If she can’t stop that handoff, the devastating attack will collapse the power grid and throw the nation into a state of anarchy.

Hiking into the canyon in the midst of a violent storm, crossing paths with an assassin, and tracking Blitz down the Rio Grande River is all part of her job. But when a civilian is violently injured, Allison understand that Blitz has crossed a threshold of violence that could send them all careening into the abyss. And then there’s her personal vendetta to consider. She will capture Blitz, and she will interrogate him about her father’s murder.

Support and Defend is a story about one woman’s dedication to her country, her job, and her own personal crusade. This time everything is on the line, and the stakes are monstrous.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers