Swim Move

by David Chill

From a USA TODAY bestselling author!

It was a random crime on a dark Beverly Hills street. Or were the victims targeted?

When an old friend from high school shows up in P.I. Burnside’s office for help, neither have any idea that this case will spiral into fraud, kidnapping and murder. But as Burnside begins looking into his friend’s beautiful daughter, he uncovers more and more people who have a dispute with her – and a reason to inflict harm.

Burnside’s investigation takes readers on a harrowing journey through the best and worst of Los Angeles. Burnside navigates his way with a little help from some pro football players, and is forced to work around detectives from multiple police departments, who would prefer this case would just go away. And as Burnside unravels the mystery, SWIM MOVE builds to a pulsating climax, and will leave the reader hungry for more!

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators