Target Churchill

by Warren Adler and James C. Humes

Warren Adler’s & James C. Humes’ #1 bestselling historical fiction thriller, currently in development as a feature film.

WWII has ended and Stalin is bent on gobbling up Eastern Europe. With Winston Churchill defeated as Prime Minister, the KGB has trained an American born SS man as a mole to assassinate Churchill during his speech at Westminster College in Missouri where he will announce to the world Stalin’s plans for communist domination. His sole loyal bodyguard Walter Thompson becomes aware of the plot and acts to abort it.

Thompson alone senses danger, but will his trained instincts and vigilance be enough to protect the former Prime Minister from a ruthless killer? In this gripping historical thriller, battles are fought not on the beaches, on the landing grounds, in the fields, on the streets, or in the hills, but behind closed doors in the shadows of espionage.

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Category: Thrillers – Assassinations