Teach Me To Die

by Sonya Bateman

How do you stop a killer whose victims have signed up to die?

Former soldier Ozzy Stone and disgraced hacker Roman Blade are ex-convicts with a nasty shared past, both questionably employed at an elite BDSM club just outside Washington, D.C. When another employee is murdered, and a young woman who works at the club disappears, someone starts playing pin-the-blame on the ex-cons — and Stone and Blade are forced to work together to clear their names.

Their reluctant partnership uncovers an organized network of voluntary death by torture, wrapped in a conspiracy that penetrates the top levels of the government. These people are ruthless, highly connected, and handing out horrific devil’s bargains … lifesaving miracles for loved ones, at the cost of your own last, agonized breath.

Now Stone and Blade are caught in the crossfire. And time is running out as they race to rescue a woman who doesn’t want to be saved.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime