Tears of the Dragon

by Ryan McGinnis

A lone assassin on the run, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance…

Xavier Greene is ready to walk away from his role as an assassin for the Citadel, a mysterious shadow organization with global reach, and no accountability . Living in seclusion at a buddhist temple, he contemplates his life of violence and whether he can ever truly leave it behind. Then he received the call…

A terrorist organization called The Brotherhood have a deadly pathogen called Tears of the Dragon that could wipe out most of the global population. Its release is imminent, but where? When? Xavier finds himself in a race around the globe to uncover their secrets and stop them before it’s too late.

When a betrayal complicates his plan even more, Xavier finds himself with no one to trust, and no allies. With trained killers closing in, he’s determined to race towards one final conflict with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. In a race against both time and odds, can he find a way to stop Tears of the Dragon?

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage