Tears of the Dragon

by Ryan McGinnis

With the threat of global genocide looming over the world, one man races to put together the pieces before it’s too late…

Xavier Greene had retreated from his life of violence. In a secluded temple, he contemplates his life as an assassin, determined to walk away from his employer, the Citadel forever.

But a vast, global conspiracy draws him back from the shadows. A deadly pathogen, Tears of the Dragon, has been created in a secret lab hidden at the base of the Masaya volcano in Nicaragua. Now it’s on its way to the United States, where a group of radicals plan to release the apocalypse-level virus, unleashing untold death and destruction on millions. Xavier finds himself in a race against time to uncover the details and locate the virus before the unthinkable can happen.

Xavier’s mission is complicated by the arrival of F.B.I. Agent Bill “Wild Bill” Logan. Logan is as famous around the Bureau for his unconventional style as he is closed cases. However, when he and his partner Stacy Martinez cross paths with Xavier Greene, they find themselves swept up in a vast conspiracy that could cost them their careers, if they don’t lose their lives first.

Now all of them find themselves in a life or death struggle against a vast international conspiracy that threatens to consume the entire planet. With betrayals and the body count mounting, can Xavier find a way to stop Tears of the Dragon before it’s too late?

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage