“FOLLOW THE CLUES TO FIND THE LOST ARK AND YOU MAY ALSO FIND GOD.” Another Jack Gunn adventure is beginning as he is fighting alongside the modern Templar Warriors to find the lost treasure. They are following the clues of a holy relic named ‘The Sword of Jerusalem.’
Young Adam de Molay has now become the Grand Master of the new Templar Warriors. The modern Templar Warriors are twenty-four battle-hardened retired Marines, who fought ISIS for years in the middle-east. They were enlightened by God and decided to do the Lord’s work and become his warriors. They have pledged to follow Adam because he controls the Sword of Jerusalem.

The sword has been passed down in his family line for seven-hundred years. It holds the secrets of the lost Templar Treasure and is the main reason for this quest. The Arc of the Covenant, designed by God, and made by man, is one of the holy items they are seeking. Whoever finds the treasure could very well control the destiny of the United States.

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