Ten Years Gone

by Jonathan Dunsky

Tel Aviv, Israel, 1949: Holocaust survivor turned private investigator Adam Lapid doesn’t believe in miracles.

So when Henrietta Ackerland asks him to find her missing son, Willie, Adam doesn’t believe he can help her.

Not after hearing that Willie has been gone for ten years and that the last time Henrietta saw him was in Berlin, shortly before World War II broke out.

But Adam can’t refuse to help a mother searching for her lost son.

But what Adam Lapid doesn’t know is that this is not your usual missing person case. As Adam begins the hunt for Willie Ackerland, Adam becomes prey — and of more than one hunter.

Ten Years Gone is a thrilling mystery with unforgettable characters, surprising twists, and a shocking ending.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Private Investigators