by Matt Duchossoy

Following a flawlessly executed heist, a gang of masked thieves believe the worst of the danger is behind them. The police have shut down the main routes out of the city, forcing them to take an alternative route to the unmarked landing strip and the waiting contact. Unfortunately, the hills in which they’re headed are home to unfathomable horrors.

After a car wreck, Samuel, Jez, Marie, Freyja, and Boon abandon the vehicle to seek shelter from the law in the surrounding woods. They stumble across a remote property home to a peculiar family and swiftly make themselves at home. Tensions rise as unexplainable, seemingly supernatural events occur, and an impossibly tall, dark figure is spotted peering through windows and stalking the surrounding property.

An ancient evil. An unyielding, intelligent creature. The odds are stacked against them. Will anyone survive to reap the rewards of their labours?

Thaumaturgist is fast-paced graphic horror that explores themes of trust, family, and retribution, from the author of INCEL.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Suspense