The Adventure of the Murdered Gypsy

by Liese Sherwood-Fabre

What’s a holiday without surprises?

It’s Christmas 1867 at Underbyrne, the Holmes family estate. The house is filled with family, relatives, and three unexpected arrivals—all ready to celebrate the holidays. That is, until another uninvited guest appears: dead in the stables.

The discovery marks the beginning of a series of bizarre occurrences: Sherlock’s young cousin reports hearing footsteps outside the nursery, Mycroft suddenly falls head-over-heels in love, and the family learns more than one person under their roof harbors secrets.

Is someone in the household a murderer? Sherlock must discover the dead man’s identity before another unwelcomed body materializes.

“A multifaceted and convincing addition to Sherlock-ian lore.”
– Kirkus Reviews

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Category: Mystery – Historical