The Alarm at Aberden

by Kaitlyn Dean

A historic library on the verge of closing. A small town harboring numerous secrets. And a ghost simply dying to save them all.

Bella Daniels thinks books will be her only excitement in the sleepy town of Ashbury Dires, which is exactly what she needs after leaving behind the pressures and romantic complications of the big city. But the budding freelance editor finds more than she bargained for in her new town’s historic library.

Some spirits just won’t rest in peace, especially when they have a town to save.

With the help of her ghostly gal pal, Bella is determined to solve the mysteries surrounding Ashbury Dires…starting with the body found in her backyard.

Will Bella and her otherworldly partner put the pieces together before the murderer can claim another victim?

If you like small town secrets, amateur sleuths, and wily spirits, you’ll love this debut mystery by Kaitlyn Dean.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy