The Alex Files: Books 1 – 3: Alexandra Destephano Psychological Medical Thriller Novels (Women of Valor)

by Judith Lucci

The First Three Novels of the Gripping, New Orleans Psychological Medical Thriller series in a digital collection.

A psychological medical thriller series featuring the strong female lead of Virginia-born nurse and lawyer Alexandra Lee Destephano, along with Commander Jack Francoise of the New Orleans Police Department, and Dr. Robert Bonnet, Alex’s former husband and a prominent Crescent City surgeon.

These hospital conspiracy crime novels center on the characters as they encounter murder, death, malpractice, and the supernatural in the Big Easy’s most famous hospital.

Welcome to the best-selling psychological medical suspense thriller series which blends together hospital drama and romance, political intrigue, domestic terrorism, espionage and the grisly work of a serial killer madman.

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