Codename Angel

by Jason Chapman

Fans of the unexplained will love this cold war conspiracy series

A close encounter at an RAF Base in the north of England.
Strange objects seen in the skies above Great Britain.
A mysterious stranger with the ability to see the future.
A tense standoff between Russian and American warships in the North Sea.

When Cambridge physicist Professor Ralph Frederick is summoned to the office of wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill he is given a very unusual task.

Frederick is put on a top secret committee Codenamed Angel who’s role it is to investigate flying saucer sightings which have been happening up and down the United Kingdom. Frederick’s world is turned upside down, as a diehard sceptic is soon turned when he encounters beings from another world.

Codename Angel is the first book in a series of First Contact Novels which explores a government struggling to cope with the reality that we are not alone in the universe..

With an ever-growing threat from the Soviet Union this unique tale focusses on first contact between aliens and British government officials. Alien Encounters and alien abductions taken from witness reports and real life stories. People who claim to have had alien encounters and close encounters with both the fantastic and unknown.

A story set in the midst of the Cold War, which draws its inspiration from historical events straight from the British Government’s real life X Files.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies