The Apicide Affair

by Kareem J Glover

In “The Apicide Affair,” the world is on the brink of ecological disaster as the honey bee population faces extinction due to a deadly DNA disorder known as Three-DNA. Driven by the urgency to save these vital pollinators, scientist Jenebah Tamba leads a team of researchers on a groundbreaking project backed by AsmoCorp.

Their mission is to develop a viral treatment to neutralize the virus and revive the critically endangered honey bee population. Cloning bees and administering the viral agent, they aim to halt genetic degradation. However, progress is slow, with success rates hovering at a meager 0.02%.

Suddenly, a catastrophic event strikes the lab. A power outage and explosion disrupt experiments, endangering the lives of cloned bees. As tensions escalate and funding cuts loom, the team races against time, confronting ethical dilemmas.

Amidst the chaos, unseen forces endanger not only the research but Jenebah’s life. A gripping tale unfolds as survival becomes paramount, and Jenebah finds herself entangled in a world of intrigue and danger. Can she navigate the web of deception and save the bees, and herself, from looming disaster? In “The Apicide Affair,” suspense and ethical choices intertwine in a race against extinction

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Category: Suspense