The Archer’s Thread

by Noel Zamot

Even if you can see the future, you cannot escape your past.

Simon Lyons can see ten seconds in the future. His employer thinks he’s useful. His victims think he’s a sociopath. Only he knows the condition is driving him insane.
Seeking redemption and peace, he walks away from everything and disappears. A book from his past leads him to a young university professor with a unique gift: Dr. Kelly Austin is the first and only person who mutes his condition. Around her, Simon becomes inexplicably sane. The allure of normalcy is intoxicating, and Simon uses every tool at his disposal to enter Dr. Austin’s life, find the cure, and leave.
That’s when his past returns, stopping at nothing to keep Simon’s history buried. When someone takes Dr. Austin, Simon must choose between the familiarity of a violent past, or the terror of redemption.

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Category: Suspense