The Art of Danger

by Stuart Doughty

Can an oil painting be dangerous? You’d better believe it! PI John Kite’s job is to recover stolen art but when three men are murdered to get a painting by a forgotten artist, he knows it’s not a regular heist. A foreign spy is planning mayhem, not an art show. And what tragedy in Kite’s past causes a sassy female MI5 agent to be on his tail as well? As their paths collide, getting the picture back becomes a matter of life and death – for both of them. Can John Kite can stop two nations starting a war? A “feel-good thriller” – a fast-moving mix of snappy dialogue, crime, quirky characters, chases, perky humour, thrills and even a bit of romance.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

Paint It Blackmail

by Stuart Doughty

John Kite was driven to fight crime by a life-changing discovery at the age of 19. Now a PI and art detective, he’s flattered when the government asks him for help. First it’s a forgery case, then the biggest art heist since World War II. Ministers panic as the government is blackmailed. Kite tracks down a foreign gangster chasing vast wealth, and a killer from his own troubled past, but suspects the prime villain is in the corridors of power. Forced to speak out, Kite becomes a wanted man, his only ally the cool and sexy Tanya, a senior government official. Together they put their lives on the line and rush to stop a fiery disaster, as they realise the heist must be the result of a politician’s lie.

$0.99 Previously $3.99