The Bear Trap

by Grant Pies

What could be worse than being dead? This is what private detective Will Carter can’t shake from his mind when the parents of Rose Bishop, a young girl missing for two months, hire him for the seemingly hopeless case. The Chicago PD has given up, the community has moved on, and even Carter’s partner thinks they are chasing a ghost. In a city known for corruption, it’s no surprise Carter finds himself running up against the police and turning towards the Russian mafia for help in tracking down Rose Bishop. But the further Carter delves into the missing person case, the more enemies he makes, the more lies he uncovers, and the more he tests the limits of his partnership. Only after it’s too late does Carter realize he has pulled the curtain back too far, looked where others have always averted their eyes, and exposed a carefully crafted cover story. Only after the trap is sprung does Carter realize it was ever set, and soon he will realize what precisely could be worse than death.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

A Wolf By The Ears

by Grant Pies

On the eve of Thanksgiving, private detective Will Carter’s typical surveillance job turns deadly when he witnesses a murder. Soon after chasing the killer down, Carter finds himself intertwined with the man, and worse he finds himself blamed for the string of murders left in the killer’s wake. But this wasn’t a coincidence. He has unknowingly been on a collision course for months with a serial killer who has been operating in secret … until now. Carter was carefully chosen by the killer for a very specific job. There is evidence that will clear his name, or so he’s told, but the killer won’t give it up unless Carter meets his seemingly impossible demands. And the killer isn’t finished, he still has a list of people he plans to hunt down.

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