The Betrayal

by Simon C Snake

Rachel has to choose, going to jail for the gang or her freedom by betraying the man he loves and the gang mastermind.

Rachel Atkins was a woman of many gifts. She could swerve through a lock with the click of her fingers in seconds, not to mention crawling into tiny spaces one wouldn’t dream of getting through was her strong suit. It was easy to say that she was dedicated, ambitious, and didn’t play around when she was on the job. She wasn’t very emotional or talkative, but she made sure all eyes and ears were directed towards the words that fell from her mouth when she spoke. She was quite an enigma.

Robin is ruthless, and as much as the gang liked to see him as a monster, Robin had kept them afloat through the years. He took care of snitches and drug dealers who wanted to skim off the top of their earnings. It was because of him that the group was pretty much untouchable.

What will Rachel do?

Will she take the offer by the state?

Can she survive if she betrays Robin?
If you like gripping suspense-thriller packed with suspense and showcasing the dark world of gangs and their survival skills, then you won’t want to miss The Betrayal.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime