The Black Swan Event

by Mikael Carlson

Following a global economic collapse in 2039 that brought governments to their knees, brutal violence and chaos spread across the globe. To fill the power vacuum, giant multinational corporations, backed by wealthy benefactors, seized the reins of power and began governing the masses. Nearly fifty years later, there is no crime, no unemployment, no homelessness, and no war. All that progress came at a cost – individual freedom.

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Category: Thrillers – Political

Bounded Rationality

by Mikael Carlson

A week has passed since the terrorist attack in New York, and things are returning to business as usual…or are they? Behind the shroud of normalcy, corporate executives, patricians, and Intercorpex use the tragic incident to advance their agendas as they search for answers. Amidst a manhunt for Liberteum, Chief Inspector Zyree is assigned to work with a beautiful, by-the-book colleague to confirm his suspicions about Rykos. She considers it a waste of time…but is it?

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