The Blockchain Revolution, a Tale of Insanity and Anarchy

by Andrew Updegrove

A new technology called the blockchain is taking the world by storm. Its proponents claim it’s the biggest thing since the Internet, and everyone is adopting it – including the global banking system. But is it secure? The banks hire cybersecurity expert Frank Adversego to oversee the project, and he’s not so sure. Meanwhile, Russian troops are massing on the European border as Kremlin builds a blockchain of its own to avoid Western economic sanctions.

Soon, Adversego is faced with massive hacker attacks, a deepening crisis between East and West, and the machinations of an unstable blockchain genius bent on overthrowing global governments in order to create a brave, new, anarchist world.

“Andrew Updegrove brings a rare combination of drama, satire and technical accuracy to his writing. The result is a book you can’t put down that tells you things you might wish you didn’t know.”
– Admiral James Stavrides

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Category: Thrillers – Financial