The Blood Of Angels

by David Bradwell

Trust no-one. Especially those who promise to save you.

Former investigative journalist Clare Woodbrook has committed the perfect crime, but gaining everything she wished for has come at a terrible personal price. So, when she’s offered a chance at redemption, she grabs it with both hands.

But it means joining an organisation rooted in the espionage of the old East Germany: a world of secrets and lies, in which old allegiances and rivalries count for nothing, and everyone seems to have their own sinister hidden agenda. Worse still, she’s being hunted by a psychopath, intent on bloody revenge.

As Clare embarks on her first mission in London, Paris and Frankfurt, the bullets begin to fly, and she has to face up to a stark yet terrifying truth.

The Blood Of Angels is a gripping conspiracy thriller set in 1993, with twists galore, pulsating action, and flashes of dark humour.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies