The Bloody Rose

by Christopher Stanfield

What happens when your best friend discovers your dark secret?

Life was already complicated enough for Apple Rose. After all, bubbly cheerleader by day and ruthless serial killer by night isn’t an easy feat to pull off. Even if her victims might deserve their twisted fate. But when her best friend, Cindy Nix, learns the truth, things becomes about as thorny as can be.

In some ways, Apple has always wanted to be seen and to have someone know the truest nature of her heart. But even this turn catches her by surprise. Will her bond with Cindy shatter now that the ugly truth is known, or will Apple be surprised again?

It was certainly tricky enough before, but now it’s about to get a whole lot worse. Especially with a complication neither see coming.

Whatever happens next, one fact is crystal clear… the truth can be a dangerous thing.

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Category: Crime Fiction