The Bogota Promise

by Mike Klapheke

A brutal drug trafficker determined to expand his territory, a general determined to overthrow his government, and a group taken hostage that no one wants to help. Tom Finnegan, a soldier thought long dead, must come out of hiding to do what no government is willing to do.

A small-time drug dealer has ambitions of becoming a major player. He makes a deal with a general to kill the president. In exchange, he’s promised expanded narcotic distribution. But he needs money. And taking a group of unsuspecting tourists hostage is the shortcut he needs to make it happen.

The past hid a painful secret, one Finnegan had no interest in reliving. But when his sister confronts him with the news that his ex-wife is a hostage, Finnegan hatches a desperate plan, one that pits him against the most powerful militaries in the world. Success means a lifetime in prison. Failure leads to an icy grave.

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Category: Thrillers – Assassinations