The Book of Jericho

by J.D. Oliva

Something moves beneath the surface. Can he end a creeping evil, or will Ethan Jericho’s life and sanity be shattered?
International assassin Ethan Jericho only takes calculated risks. So when he hires on to rough up an obnoxious conspiracy theorist, he’s only too pleased for the chance to dole out justice while padding his bank account. But he’s shocked to discover the truth goes well beyond a grieving father hellbent on avenging his son’s murder…

Stumbling across his client’s illegal fracking operation, the battle-hardened hunter follows a tunnel of deceit leaving him certain he’s being manipulated. And now he fears the internet nutjob’s ravings of sinister schemes have nothing on the shocking truth that’s landed him on someone else’s hit list.

Can Jericho stop the shadows rising before his heart and soul are consumed?

The Book of Jericho is the pulse-pounding first book in The Books of Jericho supernatural thriller series. If you like driven heroes, adrenalin-soaked action, and malevolent machinations, then you’ll love J.D. Oliva’s dimension-spanning tale.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

The Devil’s Prayer

by J.D. Oliva

The assassin in black is back!
International assassin, Ethan Jericho had a simple wish—to enjoy his retirement.

His dream of a tranquil second act explodes when a doomsday cult comes looking to reclaim the missing pages from their sacred text—The Code Gigas. The Devil’s Bible.

Frantic and on the run, Jericho returns home to the South Side of Chicago, desperate to unlock the riddle behind the secret pages. But his homecoming turns deadly when a fellow assassin comes to collect the cult’s bounty on Jericho’s head.

Can Jericho keep the missing pages from this demonic cult? Or will they finally discover the lethal prayer hidden in their evil bible and ignite the end of the world?

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