The Broken-Hearted Many

by AB Plum

A murdered psychopath’s evil lives on.
Alexandra, his teenage daughter, uncovers his worst atrocity and spirals out of control. Fodder for the sleazeratti. Hell for her brother and sister.
Discovered by her mother AnnaSophia, in bed with a stranger, Alexandra brags she is the predator. She rails she’s free to live as she wants. Swears she’ll become emancipated. She pushes AnnaSophia to meltdown.
Without friends, family, or money, AnnaSophia calls the ex-cop on her husband’s unsolved case. Before he arrives, she makes a disastrous decision. It leads to six murders.
AnnaSophia rejects the cop’s suspicions. Alexandra can’t be the link to the killings. The killer closes in. Fear for her children ratchets up. Has her collusion in keeping so many lies and secrets and deceits driven the killer’s actions? Is she the next target?
Dark and twisted, this standalone will have you up reading

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological