The Burden of Darkness

by Barry Finlay

The Burden of Darkness is the fifth in The Marcie Kane Thriller Collection. Although part of a series, The Burden of Darkness stands alone. Like the other books in the series, this one tackles a subject of social significance. Marcie Kane’s FBI consultant husband, Nathan Harris, is battle weary and suffering from PTSD from previous cases. He eventually seeks counseling with the help of Marcie, but is it too late? He has everything to gain by trying.

Owen Strand has nothing to lose. He has been fired from a job, sued by a partner and now he has been handed a death sentence by a doctor. Seeking last minute notoriety, he compiles a list of people he deems to have harmed him and travels around North America picking them off with drones one by one. One person on the list is someone close to Nathan.

Two men on opposite sides of a bridge destined to meet with deadly consequences.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime