The Case of the Black Tulips

by Paula Harmon and Liz Hedgecock

There’s a new detective duo in Victorian London!

When Katherine Demeray opens an unsigned letter addressed to her missing father, she is drawn into a quest to find the terrified letter-writer and learn the secret of the black tulips.

Struggling to support herself after her father’s disappearance, Katherine has neither time nor money to solve the mystery alone. She has no choice but to seek help from a woman she has only just met; awkward socialite Connie Swift.

As the letters become increasingly frantic, this unlikely team of amateur detectives must learn to work together, while struggling to navigate the rigid rules of Victorian propriety, their families’ expectations, and the complicating interference of men.

Can they solve the mystery before someone gets killed….or they kill each other?

This is the first book in the Caster & Fleet mystery series, set in 1890s London

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Category: Mystery – Historical