by Michael Leese

Billionaire Sir James Taylor has been missing for three weeks. Then his headless torso turns up in the basement of a disused East London warehouse.
How could someone so rich and famous disappear without a trace?
Chief Inspector Brian Hooley knows his Special Investigations Unit needs help if they’re to have any chance of catching this depraved killer.
And there’s only one man for the job: Jonathan Roper. Roper is one of Scotland Yard’s top investigators — exceptionally clever and doggedly determined. His autism means he sees the world differently, and he’s always spotting things that no one else can.
A break in the case finally arrives. Roper unearths a gruesome snuff video from the dark web. It shows Sir James being mauled by a pair of vicious Neapolitan mastiffs. Then Roper is left hospitalized after he is beaten to a bloody pulp on his own doorstep. It’s a deadly warning from those who want their secrets kept hidden.

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives