The Chambermaid

by Ramona Light

Ten years ago, a cult wiped out my entire family and took my home.
Now I’m back for revenge…

Ghostly figures in dark robes haunt my dreams and waking moments.

Only fragmented memories remain of the eerie night my family took their last breaths.

I’ve returned to my nightmare.

The Lakeview Hotel was once my home.
It’s now the property of The Church of True Believers.

They need a maid. I need proof to expose them.

When sinister events threaten to derail my plans, the reality that no one else knows I’m here sinks in.

A decade of repressed terror surfaces as I reacquaint myself with this place.
But I must not blow my cover, because if I do—

What used to be my home might end up being my grave…

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological