The Chief Resident

by Michael Banas

Phillip Drummer is a chief surgical resident at the Philadelphia General Hospital. After five years of intense training he stands atop the surgical pyramid, poised to graduate in six months. His final clinical rotation places him under the direction of Dr. Frederick Riles II, the esteemed chairman of the Department of Surgery. Dr. Riles is in the midst of completing his life’s work, a landmark study investigating Lysovage – an experimental drug designed to combat painful abdominal adhesions. Through a series of random events, Phil is drawn into the project and introduced to the marketing machine of Union Park Biotech, the pharmaceutical giant sponsoring the venture. He is soon exposed to the power and wealth of Union Park, whose influence penetrates deep into the core of the medical center. A series of complications involving the wonder drug suddenly threatens to derail the project, along with Phil’s developing relationship with a pharmaceutical spokesperson. Powerful egos, corporate influence, hospital politics, romance, and financial gain all collide in a climactic product launch, jeopardizing the careers of everyone involved. As the situation unfolds, the future of Dr. Phillip Drummer becomes uncertain, as does his chance of ever graduating from the Philadelphia General Hospital.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical