The Christopher Wren Thriller Series: Books 1-3

by Mike Grist

Christopher Wren is a legendary figure feared the world over. Whispers call him a ghost, shredding terror groups and leaving their leaders in the ground. But he’s not just a legend.

Born into a violent doomsday cult, Wren had to master the dark skills of human manipulation just to survive. It made him the perfect weapon against terror – until he broke with the CIA in the midst of personal tragedy and fled into the wilds of Utah.

1. Saint Justice – In Utah Wren stumbles on a mass radicalization network bent on unleashing chaos. Nobody else sees it coming. Nobody except Wren.

2. Blue Fairy – A mythical cabal operating on the ‘dark’ Internet has lashed out in the real world. Now the monsters are coming out into the light.

3. Reparation – In the Alaskan tundra Christopher Wren stumbles upon a snuff movie like no other. The death was live-streamed. Now chaos is coming to America.

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Category: Thrillers – Terrorism