The Collaborators

by R P Nathan

A powerful literary thriller where not everything is as it may first appear… It’s December 1942 in Occupied France. The Bertrand family are hiding their daughter’s Jewish fiancĂ© in a secret room in their apartment. The Resistance is planning to get the couple to freedom but the Germans have been tipped off by a collaborator. The family’s worst fears are realised when German captain Karl bangs on the door and begins to ransack their apartment. But all is not what it seems because, as the heartbreaking plot unfolds, we realise what Karl is really looking for is redemption… Readers have said: “Brilliantly written from start to finish”, “Buy it, read it – NOW”, “Very, very well told story”, “Beautifully written and a real page turner”, “Lyrical, elegant, non-linear”.

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Category: Thrillers – Historical