The Collector

by R. Allen Chappell

When her agent is brutally murdered in his own trading post the only clue points directly at Lucy Tallwoman. They need help…and fast. As the FBI weighs in, Lucy’s youthful indiscretions come back to haunt her—bringing unknown family ties into play. Her growing fame as a traditional weaver has put her in the crosshairs of two wealthy and deadly Collectors. Investigator Charlie Yazzie stands with his friends in the face of a chilling plot aimed at the burgeoning market in Native American art. Who can they trust? And which of them are not what they seem?
Billionaire collector Percy Vermeer is obsessed with Native American Art. But when he runs up against a devious international art consortium—even Vermeer may be out of his league. Both factions can afford the best—especially when it comes to killers.

$1.99 Previously $6.99

Category: Mystery – Series