The Crystal Ball Conundrum

by Tyler Rhodes

Magic, mystery, and mayhem collide.

When Lucas Moran agreed to paint his Aunty Clem’s house, he had no idea he was about to embark on a job like no other. Forget morning tea and biscuits, because before he could even lift a brush, his aunty took a tumble—or did she?—down the stairs, the attic exploded, and a member of her supposed coven turned up dead in the garden.

When his apprentice, gangly Young Dave, bursts in cradling a comatose red squirrel like it’s the final pack of biscuits in existence, he assumes things couldn’t possibly get any weirder. Wrong. Very, very wrong.

Lucas always dismissed Aunty Clem’s coven as a bunch of kooky misfits indulging in paranormal make-believe, but when the police brush off the chaos as freak accidents, it’s up to Lucas, his wife Charlie, and Young Dave to uncover the truth. And guess who’s joined their squad? Harlow, the awakened genius squirrel with a sniffer dog’s nose, lending a paw in solving the bewildering puzzle.

What happened to the unfortunate accountant in the garden? Could the crystal ball discovered hidden in the herbaceous border really have caused such a gruesome demise? What sparked the explosive attic incident? And how on earth did Clem manage to trip when she’s as sure-footed as a mountain goat?

As Lucas dives deeper into the mystical secrets he once dismissed as harmless fun, he finds himself armed with a wand of his own. Turns out, magic is real, and Lucas is far from your average painter. But can the crew crack the murder case wide open? Or will it forever remain a crystal ball conundrum, and the police’s accident theory will stick like stubborn paint? Will unseen forces target them next, stopping them in their tracks before Lucas and Young Dave even manage to finish painting the living room?

Brushes meet broomsticks in a brand new paranormal cozy mystery series from author Tyler Rhodes.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy