The Dead of Midwinter

by J.R. Sinclair

For sixteen long years, Irish detective DI Joseph Stone, now living alone on a narrowboat in Oxford, has tirelessly pursued the elusive Midwinter Butcher. This perpetrator, lurking in the shadows, commits ritualistic animal killings on the anniversary of Joseph’s son’s tragic death. Despite the heartache and the difficulties, including his superiors’ reluctance to provide needed resources, Joseph’s determination for justice remains unyielding.

His pursuit takes an unexpected turn when he’s paired with the relentless and driven DC Megan Taylor. Together, they start piecing together the intricate puzzle, unravelling a web of clues leading them closer to the truth. As they delve deeper, they realise these animal murders are merely the chilling prelude to a much more sinister plan.

The clock is ticking relentlessly, and Joseph’s daughter’s life is now perilously on the line. With everything to lose, Joseph and Megan are in a desperate race against time to apprehend the Midwinter Butcher before it’s too late. Will they succeed in bringing the killer to justice? Can Joseph finally find closure, or is his daughter doomed to be the next victim in this perverse game of life and death?

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals