The Death Of A Celebrity Chef (Gripping Detective Novel Series Book 1)

by Kee Patterbee

★★★★★ “Smart, Quirky, and a thrill ride!”★★★★★
★★★★★”A romantic – crime – comedy !” ★★★★★

Hannah a former retired FBI agent uses her gift to solve mysteries and crimes. Her nickname is “Sherlock” because she solves the most difficult cases. She has a new case and a mind of her own, that’s the problem. The cute cop thinks she shouldn’t be involved in the case.

Hannah finds a trail of concealed documents, false alibi’s, corruption and a hasty autopsy. With the help of a trained dog named “Critic” and her brave friends, she is able to piece The Celebrity Chef Death.

Now she must find the answers to two questions:
1. What really happened to Julia Karas?
2. And more importantly, why was the Chef in the water.

Meet Hannah today in the 1st book of this series.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Billionaire Chef (Gripping Detective Novel Series Book 2)

by Kee Patterbee

★★★★★Romantic Funny & Fast Paced★★★★★
★★★★★An Action Packed Read★★★★★

Lots of family humor – 1st love shenanigans

This amazing mystery crime mystery comedy continues tracing the lives of Hannah & Hymnal Miles that started in Book 1 of the series.

Hannah called “Sherlock” is a former retired FBI agent uses her gift to solve mysteries and crimes that are her passion.

Hannah arrives at a gourmet convention where she will lecture. She invites her new love as well as her Grandparents to meet him.

Seeking out a fellow speaker, she arrives at his hotel alarmed to find him lying on the street. Police say he fell from his room balcony.

Noticing he is in a state of confusion and helplessness, she kneels to speak to him. He opens his eyes and says one word – ‘Dahlia’.

The police tell her this case is off-limits to her. Her gut tells her some black-market thugs came after his mushrooms he calls diamonds.

A mysterious man is involved and is not who he claims to be?

As for her problems, she must deal with her grandparents, juggle the obstacles of a new romantic relationship, keep her hospitalized friend alive, all while avoiding getting herself killed.

Now she must find the answers to two questions:

Who is behind the attempt on Elias’ life? And more importantly…
Why did the gourmet keep his diamonds in the kitchen.

$0.99 Previously $3.99